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Australia’s Kinderjazz swings from Latin to blues to funk with childlike glee

March 5, 2008
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Reviewed by Vivian Fields

Kinderjazz/The One for Me

Spring is here, and so is the bright, bouncy, and buoyant new album from Kinderjazz. Let the sunshine in because that’s what Kinderjazz is all about. As hinted by their name, Kinderjazz are a kid-friendly Big Band from Australia. The group has numerous members – enough to crowd a house, that’s for sure – that are highly skilled musicians performing music which will appeal to the child in anyone. Because they are aiming for the kiddie market, they might not be taken as seriously, most likely unfairly dismissed as a novelty act. No, not at all. Kinderjazz are simply taking styles of music often targeted towards grown-ups and wrapping them up in the most delectable bubblegum.

The One for Me consists of original material that may sound like songs from more than 40 years ago. Again, the difference is Kinderjazz’s approach, producing tunes that tykes can boogie to without the influence of purple dinosaurs. “Kinderjazz” and “That’s Fine” steal our hearts from the very beginning, percolating with giddy Latin rhythms; I love how the former runs into a smashing, crashing conclusion. The energy on The One for Me will leave you – and your children – breathless. The band never seems to tire, leaping from swing to jazz to funk with the open-minded and wild imaginations of – guess what? – kids.



Lea Jones is playfully sexy on “Lucky Boy” single

March 3, 2008
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Reviewed by Vivian Fields

Lea Jones/”Lucky Boy”

The promotional CD I received for Lea Jones actually had several cuts; however, with only “Lucky Boy” commercially available at this point, let’s focus on that and save the rest when a full length or at least an LP has been released. In case you haven’t seen her, Lea Jones is a stunningly beautiful brunette, a model-level looker. You give her a record as toe-tappingly catchy as “Lucky Boy,” and it probably won’t be long before she takes off. Featuring rapper Mike Pye, “Lucky Boy” is an infectious R&B number with funky acoustic guitar, sparkling keyboards, and, of course, Jones’ smooth and playfully sensual voice.


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